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We integrate a consistent sentiment into our business, we achieve common goals through teams, by encouraging flexibility and innovation

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Wuxi guoju high temperature material co., LTD. Is a professional filter bag manufacturer integrating production, processing and service. The company in good faith, innovation, cooperation, win-win development concept; To purify the air, protect the ecological environment of the earth on which we live as the goal; Based on strict quality control and tailor-made technical solutions, we choose the best cost-effective filter bags for our customers.


Social responsibility

Green growth, protecting the environment

Develop energy saving technologies through the implementation of the "EcoImagination" strategy to significantly improve our customers' operational and environmental performance

Environmental, health and safety responsibilities

Each business unit strives to provide a safe and healthy working environment for all employees and to avoid impacts on their communities and the surrounding environment

Corporate social responsibility and green branding

Corporate social responsibility and green branding